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  Golden Eagle
Cessna 421B - Executive Pressurized Twin for Now and Beyond
  WOW - ONLY $125,000  
  Plus $200,000 for SIDS, New Paint(actual cost) & Carpet. All up,
Great Value for $325,000
Pressurised Business Class Twin  
SIDS Compliant (Work Finished Jan 09)  
Fresh 100 Hourly  
Certified for Icing(Boots replaced previous OH)  
Vortex Generator  
Fresh Paint  
Audio Visual monitors for passengers.  
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If you're serious about the Air Charter/taxi business main concern must be the comfort and safety of your passengers rather than impressing your pilot with the latest wizzle stick. The C421 model was made as an Executive Aircraft not just a bus. It is possibly the only G.A piston twin where the passengers don't require headsets and can continue to conduct business in the air. The pressurisation and geared engines make this a very comfortable and quiet aircraft for your passengers.

Finance Difficulty

We can consider trading Real Estate OR Robinson R44 Raven II
Talk to us, We can do a deal.

Interest Rates are at an all time low and with such a minimal capital outlay obtaining finance should not be a problem.
Contact a specialist in Aviation Finance.

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